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Illuminera launches bold new visual identity

Today, premier data-empowered marketing and consulting group Illuminera unveiled a new visual brand identity. Founded in 2007 as an insight-driven marketing consultancy, Illuminera has developed into a firm with a global presence, housing offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore. This visual upgrade marks the successful realization of Illuminera’s vision to be at the forefront of the data-empowered marketing revolution, continuously innovating to benefit both brands and customers worldwide.

Retaining key elements of the original logo – such as the ‘open door’, the new Illuminera brand marks appear sharper, cleaner and more in touch with a modern, digital audience. ‘Unlocking’ the power of data, as is always Illuminera’s brand promise - the striking red door glows brightly, now even more attuned to the requirements for optimal viewing on electronic devices.

The typeface has been polished and emboldened to become the most prominent aspect of the new logo, signifying Illuminera’s sturdy commitment to illuminate the business world by way of innovation, rigor and professionalism.

New Key Vision

Paul Zhou, CEO of the Illuminera Group, said "Our new visual identity accurately depicts Illuminera’s brand DNA in a fast-changing digital era. It conveys our commitment to pursuing excellence and pushing boundaries, while providing clients with professional and innovative marketing solutions. Illuminera’s ongoing benchmark is to be a cutting-edge global marketing group and the most valuable brand in the industry for our clients, practitioners, and associates. This upgrade is certainly a key component of that ongoing success.”

Illuminera will continue to empower fully integrated end-to-end marketing solutions, unlocking the power of data to maximize the value and performance of marketing for both our clients and their customers.

About Illuminera

Founded in 2007 as an insight-driven marketing consulting firm, Illuminera has evolved into a premier data-empowered marketing consulting and solutions group with global presence.

Illuminera’s unique strength lies in the deep belief that data of all dimensions, if analyzed properly, can reveal insight which in turn illuminates powerful business strategies and ensures effective executions. From developing growth roadmaps to positioning mega brands, from innovating new products and business models to elevating marketing ROI with data empowerment, from telling powerful creative stories to using algorithms to guide media placement, time and again our unique philosophies and methodologies deliver substantial business impact.

Today Illuminera has expanded into a collection of boutiques each with unique strengths and specializations but all relentlessly striving to help clients to innovate, grow and win. Together, our boutiques provide integrated end-to-end marketing solutions and lead the data-empowered marketing revolution.

For more information, please contact us at 8621 6360 8005 or email

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